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Kate Laing

Kate Laing


Kate started her athletic journey taking a leap of faith signing up for her first marathon with minimal running experience. Once getting a coach she learned the importance of having someone to help with training both physically and mentally. She wants to use this experience and passion to help others enter the world of endurance sports and take that leap.

She has since completed dozens of marathons, Ironman events, and ultras including the Leadville 100. Kate is also a working mom who understands the importance of balance between work, life, and running. When not managing a team at work, you can find her running the local trails or adventuring in the mountains with her husband and daughter. She loves the outdoors, sunshine, and traveling. Her lifelong goal is to run on all 7 continents – only 3 to go!

Kate has personally completed numerous endurance events, dozens of road marathons, including the Boston Marathon. She finished top 5 AG at Ironman Boulder, and a top 3 women at Bear Chase 50k.

Kaitlyn Yonke

Kaitlyn Yonke

Head Coach | Social | Community

Kaitlyn is a mountain and ultra runner, and a music therapist. She brings a sense of adventure, advocacy and balance to all the athletes she coaches. Kaitlyn believes no goal is too small or big, and the trail to get there will be rooted in a sense of passion for the sport and the outdoors.

Kaitlyn is a USATF L1 and Lydiard L2 certified coach. She has coached to numerous ultramarathon finishes, 4x Leadville 100 finishes, road marathons, and more. She has personally finished Leadville 100 under 25 hours twice, ran the 100 mile White Rim Road FKT, and completed numerous other ultras and 14ers.

Brandon Yonke

Brandon Yonke

Founder | Head of Digital | Coach

Mountain and ultra runner. Short shorts. Long runs. Husband. Michigan born. Colorado shaped. Skier. Tries to rock climb. Still rollerblades. Never takes himself too seriously. Brandon coaches some amazing athletes and does most of the camera work, copywriting, web design, and marketing for Run Infinite. And loves all of it.

Brandon is a USATF L1 and Lydiard L2 certified coach.
He has coached to finishes at Leadville 100, 100 mile podiums, first time 50ks, a Sangre 100 course record, and multiple R2R2R finishes. He has personally finished top 5 at Silver Rush 50 and Javelina 100, finished Superior 100, Wasatch 100, and Black Canyon 100k, been on 20+ 14ers multiple times, as well as finished dozens of other trail races.

Our Story

Coming back from the mountains or the desert at the end of the weekend has never been an easy thing. Maybe it’s the seamless views out to the horizon, or the colors in the canyons that just pop more than elsewhere, or the feeling of accomplishment that tired legs seem to bring. Undoubtedly, it’s the good times had with other runners as we share miles, peaks, and the occasional struggles to get there.

Those moments inspired us to go a step beyond just taking them back as memories. We want to create a platform to enable other athletes to have similar experiences. We want to share the joy of trail running, mountain peaks, and those hard-earned accomplishments. We want to educate athletes to explore safely so they can do it time and time again.

That’s where we are at today. We welcome you to join us as we run toward a future of many more miles and a community of athletes who share their trails and the stories that they take back with them.

Our Mission

At Run Infinite, we believe in the freedom of running and its ability to shape any life. Running has the power to take athletes anywhere they set their mind and body to go. The possibilities are infinite. Our mission is to provide athletes at all stages of their journey with resources that enrich athletic pursuits, educate on sustainable use of trails, and grow an inclusive and encouraging community of athletes.

Our Values


We love working with other businesses that share our values and celebrate athletes. If you think we’d work well together, we can’t wait to hear from you!



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