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Skinning: an Ultrarunner’s Cross-Training Dream Activity? (Plus Workouts!)

Training for trail and ultra running doesn’t have to stop when the trails get covered with snow. The snow presents an opportunity for a low-impact cardio and strength-boosting cross training exercise known as skinning. Skinning is a form of skiing in which a fuzzy, synthetic skin is stretched across the bottom of a pair of skis to allow an athlete to ski uphill, remove the skins at the top of the mountain, and ski down.

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Overcoming the Bonk and Training to Prevent It

When running any distance, the bonk is bound to happen…it happens all the time. If you’ve ever been crushing it through the race, and then, out of nowhere, your day turns upside down to feeling tired, slow, heavy, or grumpy, you’ve bonked! It is possible to train to overcome it though! We’ll try to help you understand what is happening, and how to overcome it so that you can race more efficiently at your next big day.

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Making The Most of Aid Stations: What to Expect, What to Eat, and How to Keep Going

Aid stations are more than just a physical checkpoint in a race, but also a mental one. They can be a huge boost to our race day from seeing cheerful volunteers and crews, hearing a festive atmosphere, and getting the nutrition needed to keep having a solid race. They also can be a place where you might stare into oblivion and have no clue what to do, especially after a tough section or many hours on your feet. Knowing what to do at an aid station can keep you moving strong and minimize down-time.

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Trail and Ultra Running Injuries and How to Heal Up!

Injuries in trail and ultramarathon running can put a damper on the stoke, and unfortunately are common to find. Most runners suffer some kind of injury every year. With every mile, our muscles are breaking down while hopefully on their way to getting stronger. Sometimes, they break down too much though, and lead to one of the injuries discussed below.

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Tapering Sucks. Why it Matters, and How Have a Positive Taper.

As humans, our minds love routine. Breaking the running routine can take its mental toll. You’ve spent the last um-teen weeks training hard, accomplishing new milage each week and crushing workouts, and then, it starts going backward. That lack of feel-good endorphins and new weekly accomplishments can take a mental toll and cause taper week to feel dreadful.

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Before and After Your Race: Ensuring Long Term Success

Preparing for a race takes time. There are lots of moving parts that need to be managed in order for the day to go as smoothly as possible. Using the experiences of athletes and coaches, we’ve put together this list for you to ease the mental stress and keep everything on track so that your can have your best race yet!

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