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Personalized coaching offers expert guidance for the many variables that can impact training. Everybody trains and progresses differently. At Run Infinite you are paired with a coach that has training and experience to build an adaptable plan for you month by month. Whether you are going for your first trail race or hundredth, a mile or an ultramarathon, our goal is to help you have fun while growing as an athlete as you achieve your goals. Each plan is crafted based on a consultation with you and edited each month based on your progress. Your coach will learn about your goals and running history to write a plan that effective and optimizes your current fitness. No contracts. No obligations. No initiation fees.

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WE Sweat the Details.

Every athlete starts with a consultation. There’s no cookie cutter plans here. It is all about you. Your coach will make a full plan for you for that month, complete with milage, pacing, a variety of workouts, terrain specifications, and elevation gain. You’ll pay nothing until you’ve got the plan and are satisfied with it and understand it. If anything needs to be changed, we’ll get it done and fix it until it is right. That’s the Run Infinite No Sweat Guarantee.

Get the Power of TrainingPeaks

We use the TrainingPeaks app to bring our athletes their custom plans. This makes for fluid conversation with our coaches, allows athletes to see data about their progression, and it is easy to request changes if they are needed!

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What Will I Talk with a Coach About?

Topics we will discuss:

  1. We’ll start off with learning more about your running story.

    • How long have you been running? What have your experiences been so far?

  2. We’ll talk about your goals for running and/or racing.

    • First race or hundredth? Just wanting to get out there? Big route ideas?

  3. We’ll find out what how much contact and guidance will make the most impact and recommend a plan. Zero pressure.

    • Do you prefer communication by phone or skype? Do you need help with race day planning or logistics? Heat or elevation training?

  4. Anything else that YOU think would be helpful for us to know!

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