Our mission is to inspire athletes and aspiring athletes to pursue the adventures around them, and provide resources to train them to complete those adventures. We couldn’t do it without the help of these amazing companies. We are proud to partner with them because of their involvement in local running communities and trusted products and services.

Honey Stinger

Steamboat Springs, CO

Being out all day takes proper nutrition. When it comes to endurance fuels, there are none more delicious than Honey Stinger’s waffles, gels, and chews. We proudly support them as our nutrition partner.

Ultimate Direction

Boulder, CO

Running trails requires gear that can withstand a uniquely tough set of elements and a variety of landscapes. Ultimate Direction has been making gear that is Designed by Athletes, For Athletes, for over 30 years. We trust their gear and vests to get our athletes through the wildest adventures and proudly support them as our gear partner.


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