Mountain/14er Training Plan - Intermediate

Intermediate level
12 week training plan
Includes bodyweight strength exercises
See Full Plan Preview!



See Full Plan Preview!

The mountains are calling… and now you can train before you go!

This plan assumes an athlete that has intermediate experience in trail running and/or hiking. This plan will prepare an athlete’s fitness to climb a non-technical mountain with approximately 4,000-5,000ft of gain across 10-13 miles. Time/pace performance is not a focus of this plan. Existing fitness level should be recent experience in the half marathon distance or a hike of about 10 miles in a day. This plan will start with weekly milage of 19 miles per week across five days of training, with a 5 mile first long run. Each day will have a run and a hike option. You may exceed the targeted ft gain by 10-15% if your chosen daily training route necessitates it. The plan will top out with 29 miles per week and five days per week of training, with a 10 mile day, and 2 days of core bodyweight exercises. This plan assumes access to trails that offer rolling or hilly terrain, or a treadmill with high incline.

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