The Best Trail Running Films

The perfect videos to watch for those stuck-inside treadmill days, for inspiration, for nostalgia, or just to chill out. We think these are some of the best trail running films around both because of the camera content as well as the stories being told. Grab some popcorn (and maybe a notebook to write down some songs for your new running soundtrack too).

Life In A Day

Follow the journey of four remarkable women on their Western States 100 journey.

Miller Vs. Hawks

The 2017 North Face Endurance Challenge was perhaps the most stacked field of athletes ever. And the show didn’t disappoint. 

The Source

Courtney Dauwalter is next-level. Follow along on her Tahoe 200 race and see some amazing terrain too.

Western Time

Nike Trail athlete Sally Macrae overcomes difficulties at Western States to make a long time dream a reality.

The Rockwall Trail

Audree Lafreinere and Jeff Pelletier fastapack a gorgeous piece of northern Rocky landscape.

UTMB | Mont Blanc

Billy Yang follows a remarkable field of American athletes who make history at UTMB 2015.

Outside Voices

A glimpse into a summer of training and antics with Born to Run athlete Jenn Shelton. 

Sabrina Stanley | Nolan's 14

Sabrina Stanley’s first of two FKTs on this high-flying off-the-grid Colorado adventure.

The Floral Park Traverse

The guys from Mediocre Amateur are always releasing totally epic videos… but this one just drips of those endless summer days we all love.

The Weight of Mountains

An intimate look into the secrets we are running from and overcoming mental and social issues.


A heavy dose of nostalgia at States. Legends Anton, Kilian, Geoff Roes, Hal Koerner, Jurek… all showing up for the showdown. 


Rickey Gates runs across America and finds that even though the miles stretch on, we as people are closer and more similar than we think. 

Wolf Pack

Trail Running helps repair a family and then bring them closer together than ever. Based in Silverton, CO (views for dayyysss).

Lohtse | 1st Ski Descent

Alright, so it isn’t trail running… but… damn… if it doesn’t give you the chills…

And that outro…

Summer of Wonder

Kaytlyn Gerbin gives it her all on the remote and super-competitive Wonderland Trail FKT.

The Big Chill

Gary Robbins thinks up his own create-your-own-adventure route through the untouched mountains of his Chilliwack, BC. Duuude.

Chasing Walmsley

We’re not sure if Jim’s running or Jamil (with the camera) is more impressive in this record-breaking crossing of the Grand Canyon.

In the High Country

Anton Krupicka’s 200+ mile weeks in the Rocky Mountains helped shape trail running as we know it. This is how he got started. (You see that Long’s Peak part though?)

Four Pass Loop

Just outside the mountain town of Aspen, Colorado lies one of the pinnacle trail running experiences in Colorado: The Four Pass Loop. Enveloped by flowered tundra, alpine lakes, jagged peaks, lush grasses, streams, and every color in the spectrum, this giant loop takes you for a ride, as its name claims, over four separate mountain passes.

Leadville 100 Mile

Rich with mining history, the Race Across the Sky is one of America’s original 100 milers and one of the most competitive. Bring your high-altitude lungs!

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